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Title: Aspect-Oriented Modeling

Jon Whittle (Lancaster University, UK)
Tutorial integrante do LA-WASP em parceria com o SBES

Abstract: Aspects are concerns whose representation is scattered across multiple software artefacts. If not handled properly, they lead to the problems of concern scattering (a single concern is represented in many different places) and concern tangling (a single artefact represents multiple concerns). Aspects are now fairly well understood at the programming level but at the modeling level, despite a plethora of proposals, there is not yet any real consensus on the best approach.

This tutorial will survey the most promising approaches to aspect-oriented modeling and will therefore give attendees an ideal introduction into the world of aspect-oriented modeling. Rather than trying to cover all approaches, the tutorial will present representative examples of the major ideas that have influenced the field. The tutorial will, therefore, provide an immersive introduction into this exciting area in a way that succinctly characterizes the major achievements so far as well as the major challenges yet to be overcome.

The tutorial will be highly interactive and will be based on a variety of teaching methods, including lectures and hands-on exercises. In particular, one concrete example will be tackled by the participants using multiple approaches so that attendees get a very real sense of the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods.


Phase I
Until 31 aug

Phase II
Until 29 sept

Phase III
After 29 sept

XXIV SBBD XXIII SBES - October, 05-09 2009