e- Science

III e-Science workshop

(in conjunction with XXIV SBBD & XXIII SBES)
Fortaleza, Brazil
October 8, 2009

Important Dates

Deadline for submissions: July 12, 2009
Notification of acceptance: August 5, 2009
Camera Ready due: August 12, 2009


Over the past decades, we have seen a revolution in the way science and engineering has been conducted. Specially, computation became an established third brand of science alongside theory and experiment. Scientists now need to access and exploit computational resources and databases that are geographically distributed through the use of high speed networks. Those resources must be modeled and managed in a similar way we model software development and data through software engineering processes and database techniques. In order to attack the next generation of scientific problems, multidisciplinary and distributed teams of scientists need to collaborate to make progress on these new “Grand Challenges”. Current advances in Software Engineering and Database research, including ontologies, scientific process/workflow modeling, semantic web services, software component management, grid computing, resource modeling, process and data provenance, data curation, among others can help in these “Grand Challenges”.

Several national and international projects around the world have been initiated to carry out research and innovation activities that will transform the goal of e-Science and Grid computing into a reality. The III e-Science workshop aims at bringing together recent developments in databases and software engineering towards a computerized infrastructure to accomplish science in the large, supporting the next generation of scientific research and experiments. The definition, execution and management of scientific experiments can no longer be developed in an ad-hoc manner.

The topic of e-science or cyberinfrastructure is part of the “Grand Challenges in Computer Science Research in Brazil – 2006 – 2016” report from the Brazilian Computer Society. This workshop serves as a forum to present, discuss and establish new partnership among scientists that participate in research and product/tool developments, and highlights related activities from the Brazilian and international community.

The first versions of the event, also co-located with SBBD/SBES, show that exist an interesting audience on the theme, and possible new projects may arise, based on partnerships on the area. We would like to particularly gather the Brazilian researchers from the software engineering and the database communities to foster the modeling initiatives of the two areas, the interdisciplinary area of Web semantics, and the recent advances in software engineering.

Topics of Interest

- e-Science and Grid applications
- e-Science workflow management
- Ontologies and databases for e-Science
- Data and process provenance
- Collaborative Science Models and Techniques
- Data Access Management
- Virtual e-Science Organizations
- Service-Oriented Grid Architectures
- Grid economy and Business Models
- Autonomic, Real-Time and Self-Organizing Grids
- Web semantics for e-Science
- Enabling Technologies for e-Science: Internet and Web Services
- e-Science Experimentation Environments
- Experimentation processes for science in large scale
- Scientific Knowledge Management applied to science in large scale

Submission Guidelines

The workshop will accept submissions of technical and position papers written in either English or Portuguese and which must not exceed 8 and 2 pages, respectively, according to the Brazilian Computer Society paper format.

All papers must be submitted using the JEMS conference system. The technical papers will be reviewed according to the following criteria: adequacy to the workshop scope, relevance, technical quality, clarity, and originality. Technical papers describing preliminary work and ongoing research are also eligible. Assessment of results is desirable but not a pre-condition for the submission of the paper.

All technical papers must present related work. Technical papers will be peer reviewed according to recommendations of the committee, and selected papers will be presented during the workshop and published on the conference CD. Position papers will also be peer reviewed and selected for presentation at the panel. Position papers should include answers to all and each of the following questions separately:
- What is the meaning of e-science?
- Why are we doing e-science?
- Where is e-science research going to?
- Who (and when) should benefit from e-science?
- How should we do e-science?
- How much time and money should be spent with e-science?

Submission site: https://submissoes.sbc.org.br

Workshop Chairs

Maria Claudia Cavalcanti
Seção de Engenharia de Computação Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME), Brazil

Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta
Instituto de Computação Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil

Sterring Committee

Fernanda Campos – UFJF
João Eduardo Ferreira – IME/USP
Leonardo Murta - IC/UFF
Maria Claudia Cavalcanti - IME
Marta Mattoso – COPPE/UFRJ
Regina Braga – UFJF

Program Committee

Alcione de Paiva Oliveira – UFV
Alfredo Goldman – IME/USP
Ana Carolina Salgado – UFPE
Cláudia Werner – COPPE/UFRJ
Duncan Ruiz – PUC-RS
Fernanda Baião – UNIRIO
Fernanda Campos – UFJF
Gilberto Zonta Pastorello Jr - University of Alberta
Guilherme Travassos – COPPE/UFRJ
João Eduardo Ferreira – IME/USP
Jonice Oliveira – UFRJ
Luciano Digiampietri – USP
Marcos Gonçalves – UFMG
Maria Luiza Machado Campos – IM/UFRJ
Marta Mattoso – COPPE/UFRJ
Nelson Francisco Favilla Ebecken – COPPE/UFRJ
Regina Braga – UFJF
Ricardo Torres – UNICAMP
Sandra Fabbri – UFSCAR
Vanessa Braganholo – IM/UFRJ
Wagner Meira Jr. – UFMG

Phase I
Until 31 aug

Phase II
Until 29 sept

Phase III
After 29 sept

XXIV SBBD XXIII SBES - October, 05-09 2009

XXIV SBBD XXIII SBES - 05 a 09 de Outubro de 2009