Call for Workshop Proposals

XXIV Brazilian Symposium on Database

XXIII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering

Promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society Fortaleza - Brazil
October 05-09, 2009

Datas Importantes

Proposal Submission: may 08, 2009
Authors Notification: may 18, de 2009
Camera Ready due:august 10, 2009
(camera ready version for inclusion in the conference CD)


The Database and Software Engineering communities invite the submission of thematic Workshops to the 2009 SBBD and SBES Symposium.

This year, SBBD and SBES, organized by the Universidade Federal do Ceará, will be held at Fortaleza. They should attract a large audience of professionals and scientists.

Fortaleza (Portuguese for fortress) is the State capital of Ceara, located in the sunny northeastern region of Brazil. With a population of more than 2.5 million, Fortaleza is a modern metropolis with greenish-blue sea, beautiful white-sand beaches, softy wind and a vibrating nightlife. Its complete tourism infrastructure and a rapidly growing industry make it one of the most important cities in the region in economic terms. Apart from its many tourist and gastronomic attractions, Fortaleza holds several academic and research institutions, including three major universities (UNIFOR, UFC and UECE) and several other smaller ones. Its emerging IT industry has been attracting many IT professionals from other regions of Brazil, which has steadily increased the local demand for IT-related university courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The workshops will provide a venue in which participants, from both academia and industry, will be able to gather and exchange experiences. We encourage, but are not limited to, the submission of workshops that relate to the topics of interest listed in the call for papers of both Symposia. Workshops addressing CS Grand Challenges are very welcome ( and

The workshops will be selected based on:
(i) their relevance and interest to their intended audience
(ii) the PC Chair CV
(iii) the selected Program Committee
(iv) the analysis of previous editions (if it is the case)

The number of accepted workshops and occupancy per room are directly related to the availability of meeting rooms at the venue. Proposals must indicate the duration of the workshop: half-day (3 hours), 1-day (6 hours) or 2-days (12 hours). Workshops with 2-day duration shall consider holding the first day on Sunday. The format, acceptance and presentation criteria of the approved workshops will be determined by their organizers.

The workshop invited speakers will be registered with no fees. All the other expenses related to the invited speakers should be covered by the workshop organizers. It is strongly recommended that the invited speaker talk is also open to interested participants of SBBD/SBES.

The SBBD/SBES local organizers will provide logistic support and meeting places. Workshop proceedings will be fully included in the Conference CD. Workshop chairs are expected to provide a short, one page abstract of the workshop for inclusion in the workshop proceedings. Special requests (e.g., transportation, extra banquet tickets) must be arranged by the chair of each workshop.

Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposals should contain:
* The name of the Workshop
* The duration (half-day-3 hours, 1 day-6 hours, 2 days-12 hours);
* A description of the workshop topic, justifying its relevance at this time;
* The workshop history including previously attendance, if it is not in the first edition;
* The workshop format, topics of interest, acceptance and presentation criteria;
* Invited Speakers (number and possible names);
* Attendance expected, including the maximum number of participants;
* Submission guidelines;
* Program Committee;
* Local support requirements;
* A name and full contact information of the workshop PC chair;
* A short CV of the workshop PC chair (e.g. Lattes).

Please do not include any other information than those listed above. Workshop proposals may be written in English or in Portuguese and should be submitted by e-mail (mail body or attachment) with the Subject - "SBBD-SBES Workshop Proposal Submission" to the Workshop chair:

Program Committee

Ana Carolina Salgado - Chair, CIn-UFPE
Alberto Laender - UFMG
Altigran da Silva - DCC-UFAM
Carlos A. Heuser - II- UFRGS
Cecília Rubira - IC-Unicamp
Claudia Bauzer Medeiros - IC-Unicamp
Claudia Werner - COPPE-UFRJ
José Carlos Maldonado - ICMC-USP
Paulo César Masiero - ICMC-USP
Vania Vidal - DC-UFC

Organization Chair

Bernadette Lóscio e Vania Vidal, DC-UFC


Contact and Further Information

For submission proposals and inquiries concerning workshops, please, contact Ana Carolina Salgado



Phase I
Until 31 aug

Phase II
Until 29 sept

Phase III
After 29 sept

XXIV SBBD XXIII SBES - 05 a 09 de Outubro de 2009